Samsung UE-40B6000 LCD TV

Published: 13th August 2009
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Samsung is based in South Korean, known by innovative developments. The First LED TV of whole world is annunciated by Samsung which matketed UE-40B6000 model recently.

First of all, we try to explain what LED technology is. LED is acronym of Light Emitting Diode. In fact, The technology is not a new invention, but it has started to be in use at LCD TV techonogy to light and to provide color at last year. The LED TVs are more environmentalist than other TFT LCD TVs. Also, LED TVs has the highest contrast ratio in other Flat TVs. LED techonogy consumes less power than other CCFL used LCD TVs.

There are three important issues to get perfect images; Color, Clearness and Contrast. Samsung UE-40B6000 LED TV has all of them ideally. Normally, Plazma TVs have higher contrast ratio than ordinary LCD TVs but, LED TVs can make up the difference, moreover, LED TVs provide mega contrast value. Ratio is 3.000.000:1 Mega Contrast, so we get the best black and perfect white. Advanced Color Processing feature offers larger color palette and we get vivid and deep color even mat color scenes. Auto Motion Plus 100Hz technology clears away blurrines in action scenes or motion images, You can see vivid and glare pictures and films.

Samsung UE-40B6000 LED TV has 16:9 aspect ratio which is the cinematic screen ratio. Besides the ratio, Samsung LED TV has HDTV (1080p) features due to 1920x1080 pixels resolution. Sure, Samsung UE-40B6000 LED HDTV supports Full HD 1080p signals that feature is the best format in this days.

Common national TV broadcasts at 50 Hz and The LED TV can get the 50 Hz signal and improve 100Hz image signals to get the best perfect image quality and get over the blurr problems in motion scenes. The processing is made by Auto Motion Plus 100Hz Technology.

LED TVs relax our eyes when we watch, and They are fewer harmfull for enviroment to common TFT LCD TVs. LED TV consumes 40% less power than normal LCD pruducts. Moreover the LED TVs have no mercury.

However, the innovations don't demand extra thicness. As a matter of fact, LED TVs are thinner than LCD TVs, Samsung UE-40B6000 LED TV is just 2.9 cm deep.

Connectivity features are good and thorough. Samsung UE-40B6000 LED TV has 4 HDMI inputs, S-Video input, Component Video input, Composite Video input, Audio output for headphones, connection point for PC and USB port. You can play directly your pictures and videos by using USB port. Samsung UE-40B6000 LED TV is designed due to crystal design series, also colored rose black.

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